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How To Dress Like A Parisian Girl For Every Season


How To Dress Like A Parisian Girl For Every Season

Parisian style has taken the fashion world by storm! It is the hottest trend right now, and it’s here to stay for a long time. Parisian girl’s style is minimal, sophisticated, and sleek. It’s a classic style that can never be outdated!

Wether you’re traveling to Paris, France and want to blend in with the Parisians, or if you want to bring a little bit of Parisian style to your city, here is a guide on how to dress like a Parisian girl for every season.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t be afraid to splurge on a few pieces when creating your Paris style wardrobe. The most important detail of Parisian style is the quality of your clothes. Look for fabrics like cashmere, silk, cotton, etc.

Think about buying some high quality basic pieces that you can wear with just about anything! Plain t-shirts, midi skirts, and denim jeans are always a good start to a Parisian women wardrobe.

Where Parisians Shop For Basics

Parisian Style Summer

A Parisian girl wears skirts and dresses in the summer, with an occasional white pants or denim jeans. Summer is a great time to add some vibrant colors to your wardrobe, while still keeping the pieces minimal.

Parisian Style Autumn


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When Autumn arrives, its a great time to bring out your beautiful sweaters! Tucking in your sweaters to a pair of nice pants or denim is a great way to dress like a Parisian girl when the weather is starting to cool down. 

Try to keep your color palette to minimum, with whites, grays, creams, and blacks. You can add in a few autumn colors like orange, red, and yellow, but nothing to flashy. A Parisian women always keeps her wardrobe neutral.

Parisian Style Spring

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The weather is changing from cold to warm, so its a perfect time to start switching those bulky sweaters for a light cardigan. Always keep in mind that a Parisian wardrobe is full of neutral colors, but in the spring you can start bringing in more pastels! Beautifully colored flowers are beginning to bloom, so your wardrobe should match that.

The perfect accessory for a Parisian girl style is definitely a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses bring an edge to every outfit, making the outfit look more sophisticated and trendy.

Parisian Style Winter


Winter is a time to bring out those wool coats and cashmere sweaters! Layering in the winter time is not only a great way to stay warm; its a great way to achieve that Parisian girl style. Winter is the time where you can dress a little grungy (if you desire). Chunky sneakers can make any outfit go from Parisian style to Parisian street style. And yes, those are two different styles!


If you aren’t into the “grunge” style, no worries! you can still dress like a Parisian girl in the winter without it. My personal favorite go-to look for a Parisian style winter is a sweater dress with tights and boots. This look is so chic and trendy! You’ll be looking like a Parisian girl all winter long. 

Another easy outfit is a sweater layered with a trench coat, and paired with a pair of denim jeans. It is such a staple outfit that won’t ever go out of style!

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