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How To Travel The Coast of Europe in 2 Weeks


How To Travel The Coast of Europe in 2 Weeks

Celebrity Cruise on The Mediterranean Sea

Back in May of 2019, my boyfriend and I went on an adventure of a lifetime! At the ages of 20 and 21, we dreamed of seeing the world and then we were given the opportunity to travel across the coast of Europe for 2 weeks on Celebrity Cruise Lines.

You can imagine our excitement. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited!? Traveling across the Mediterranean Sea to visit Spain, Italy, and France while sipping wine doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Every good thing you’ve heard about Europe is absolutely true, only its 10x better!

On our cruise we ported in Barcelona, then travelled to Cannes, Florence, Rome, Capri, Palermo, Valletta, Marseille, Sete, and ended back in Barcelona. That is a lot of places to travel to in 2 weeks!

Celebrity Cruise Line is the best way to experience a new place because you get to learn what you do and don’t like. You will not like every single place you travel to, and that is okay because it makes the places you did like that much better!

Vatican City, Rome

Whenever we arrived to Sete, my boyfriend and I walked around the local towns and shops, but just didn’t enjoy it at ALL! The roads were filled with dirt, buildings were run down, and the towns smelt horrible.

After about 2 hours of wandering about the streets, we decided to head back to the ship, and that was that. We tried it out and just did not seem to like it, and thats what traveling is all about!

After the cruise we realized that in the future we’d rather spend our time and money on traveling back to Italy, rather than France and Spain. The Cruise allowed us to find out what our favorite places were.

Capri, Italy

Along with learning what our favorite and not-so-favorite places to travel to, we always had a safe place to come back to. Traveling in different countries for the first time is scary.

Almost no one speaks your language, you have no clue where you are, and everything is just so different. Nonetheless, it is also such a thrill to experience completely new cultures by placing yourself right in the heart of it.

Pisa, Italy

It was nice to come back to the ship and reset for the next day. Traveling is very tiresome, and the ship acted as a place to relax and rest.

Not to mention, we didn’t have to pack up all of our stuff and go from hotel to hotel every time we wanted to see a different city. All of our valuables stayed on the ship so we didn’t have to carry hardly anything with us while exploring.

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One of the most common mistake people make when traveling is not making any plans for when you arrive.

You paid money to fly out to your destination and for your hotel, so you might as well pay to do something you couldn’t normally do back home! Cruise lines give you multiple options on excursions and tours at every stop.

Palermo, Italy

We were able to create so many memories we wouldn’t have been able to make if we didn’t pay for an excursion. We discovered Capri, Italy, which ended up being our favorite place we traveled to on the cruise.

I hope to travel back here in the future because it was seriously so beautiful!

Don’t be afraid to pay extra to experience something new because you never know what the excursion will allow you to discover.

Capri, Italy

Europe is full of beautiful people, cultures, and places. Not to mention, the best food I have ever had! My diet was strictly pasta, pizza, bread, and gelato. LOL. All the carbs!

It is a trip that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. If it is your first time traveling to Europe, go on Celebrity Cruise Line! See what you like and be comfortable while traveling.

We often have an image of what it looks like to ravel to Europe: backpacking across Europe while staying in cheap hotels for a whole summer. That is great if that is something you’d like to do, but it is not the only way!

You can see Europe without having to leave for months and having to ask for months off at work. There are so many ways to travel, and I love to travel through Celebrity Cruise Lines!

Let me know what’s your favorite way to travel and your favorite place to travel to! We traveled with Celebrity Cruises and loved it- have you traveled with Celebrity before? Always love connecting with you all!

Sincerely, Sara

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