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The Best Places To Visit in September: Where To Go On Autumn Break


The Best Places To Visit in September: Where To Go On Autumn Break

Are you planning a vacation, but don’t know the best places to visit in September? If so, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re wanting a stay-cation, a quick getaway for autumn, or looking where to holiday in September, there is a place for you.

September is definitely not a popular time to travel, but that doesn’t mean its not a good time for traveling. Look at it as a time to take advantage of cheap plane tickets and to explore some tourist sites without being in crowds of people.

September is actually a great time to travel because of the changes in the weather. Above the equator, summer time is slowly leaving and the temperature is beginning to cool down. This gives you almost perfect weather for a tropical getaway in September! 

You’re probably wondering where are the best places to visit in September, so here is a list of the best places to visit in September in the world:

  1. Maldives
  2. Croatia
  3. Corfu, Greece
  4. Rome, Italy
  5. China
  6. Malta
  7. Hawaii
  8. Santorini
  9. South Africa
  10. Barcelona, Spain
  11. Morocco
  12. Antigua

1. Maldives

The best September holiday for: a romantic getaway


I highly recommend traveling to the Maldives towards the end of September. Monsoon season occurs in July and August, so it is possible that there could be some patchy rainfall in the first week of September.

Due to patchy rainfall forecasts in September, its easy to snag an over-water villa for cheap! HUGE bucket list check, am I right!?

2. Croatia

The best September holiday for: catching that late summer sun


Croatia is the best place to visit in September if you’re looking for near perfect weather! Temperatures are typically around 75°F (24°C), which is great for doing outdoor activities.

Since the weather is so lovely during this time, Croatia has many festivals during the month of September. This would be a great time to indulge yourself in their culture.

Also, Croatia is a great place for all my fashionistas to travel to! The Croats are very style conscientious. It could be do to the influence of being across from Italy, but the streets are a chock-a-block with people looking their best and they are fully aware of that! Here’s some outfit inspiration for the next time you travel to Croatia.

3. Corfu, Greece

The best September holiday for: enjoying sunshine and enjoying colorful architecture


Corfu is one of the most romantic Islands of the Ionian island groups. Corfu is full of beautiful beaches and stunning historical architecture. Wandering down the cobblestone streets of Corfu is the best way to submerge yourself in their culture. Corfu has 39 beautiful churches and boasts numerous museums.

The town of Corfu definitely has a nostalgic charm! You’ll see the glorious history of Corfu through their noble mansions, art museums, and beautiful churches. A little outside of the town of Corfu you’ll get to see picturesque seaside villages, luxurious Corfu resorts, and beautiful natural landscapes.

4. Rome, Italy

The best September holiday for: history and romance


Rome is definitely a bucket list city to visit! The months May and September are known to be the best months to visit Rome because of the near perfect weather and the small crowds.

There are endless amounts of places to see in Rome, so I would suggest staying at least a week so you will be able to see everything (2 weeks would be ideal). Rome is full of so much history, especially regarding towards the Catholic faith and gladiators!

5 Essential things to when in Rome:

  • Enter the Coliseum
  • Visit Vatican City and see where the pope lives
  • Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  • Climb the Spanish Steps
  • Explore the Roman Forum

5. China

The best September holiday for: amazing weather and the best view of the Great Wall


Visiting the Great Wall of China is definitely high on my bucket list! September is the best time to visit here because the perfect weather and there a virtually never any clouds. This means you will get the best view of the Great Wall!

This also a great time to explore the beautiful city of Beijing, meet Chengdu’s pandas, and see the beautiful country side while on a cruise on the Yangtze River. You’ll also have long days and cool nights if you visit any of their ancient water towns!

6. Malta

The best September holiday for: scuba diving and snorkeling


Malta is a tiny island just south of Sicily. While September brings some humidity to this island, you can easily cool off by the refreshing sea water. Malta is known for its crystal clear blue waters!

There are caves called the Blue Grotto that reflect the sun so the waters are bright blue. This is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving! You’ll be able to see a lot of wild life swimming in the sea.

7. Hawaii

The best September holiday for: luxury tropical getaway


In the months of June-August, Hawaii can be an expensive destination to travel to! Luckily, in September the prices to travel to and stay in Hawaii drops significantly, and the weather is still great for a day at the beach.

September is actually one of Hawaii’s hotter months, so a day at the beach with a sea breeze is really refreshing. Not very many people travel to Hawaii in September, so this one of the best places to travel to in September for an affordable tropical getaway!

8. Santorini

The best September holiday for: picturesque views


I think we’ve all seen the beautiful photos of Greece- beautiful white houses on a cliff looking over the big blue sea. Imagine getting to see those photos come to life!

Santorini is one of the best places to go in September for a romantic getaway. At this time, most people don’t travel to Santorini, so its the perfect time to enjoy those jaw-dropping views without the large crowds. Not to mention the weather is amazing during this time! Make sure to travel at the beginning of September because its still dry season.

9. South Africa

The best September holiday for: safaris


Dry season in South Africa is from May-September, so this makes it a great time to go on a safari! Most people are back in school at this time, so you’ll miss the summer-break crowds.

There is a small town named Hermanus off the coast of South Africa that has migrating whales from Antarctica. Whales migrate to warmer waters to give birth, which is why they migrate to Africa. You can stand on cliffs to see them, or sign up for an exhilarating boat ride to view them up close!

10. Barcelona, Spain

The best September holiday for: a trip to the city


A trip to the city may not seem appealing in September, but its actually one of the best months to visit this upbeat city. Most of the tourists are not around, so you’ll be able to really submerge yourself into Spain’s culture!

Barcelona is known for their night life! There are multiple night clubs on the beach that makes for a night you’ll never forget.

Plus you can see where The Cheetah Girls movie was filmed! My dream as a ten-year-old was finally fulfilled. HA!

11. Morocco

The best September holiday for: exciting culture


During September, the temperature is finally cool enough to go outside an walk the colorful streets of morocco. In the summer months, Morocco gets scorching hot making it near impossible to go outside without being drenched in sweat. Plus, many shops and restaurants are closed for the holy month of Ramadan.

In early autumn, the city begins filling up as the temperature cools, and its still warm enough to go to the beach to catch some sun!

To be respectful towards the culture, women should wear long skirts, dresses, or pants that cover the knee. Bring a tunic or cardigan to wrap over a camisole or t shirt that covers your shoulders. Here are a few pieces you can wear in Morocco:

12. Antigua

The best September holiday for: a Caribbean getaway


Antigua is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit in September. It is known to be the driest island among the Caribbean, so you are sure to get sunny days when visiting.

There a multiple luxurious resorts from, along when numerous beaches to visit. No matter what part of Antigua you visit, you’re going to see some breath-taking views and crystal clear waters.




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