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What To Pack For A Beach Vacation: Packing List Guide

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What To Pack For A Beach Vacation: Packing List Guide

Do you need to know what to pack for a beach vacation or a summer getaway? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re like me then you probably tend to over pack. I’ve created a list of items that are essential for all summer vacations, and it keeps packing to a minimum. This is my go-to beach vacation packing list!


The most important item on a beach vacation packing list is, of course, a swimsuit! Majority of the time you’ll probably be in a swimsuit, so make sure you bring a few that you are comfortable in. 

I bring a variety of swimsuits for when I go to the beach. I’ll bring one or two full pieces and the rest are bikinis. I try to switch up the styles of swimsuits I wear each day to even out tan lines!

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My favorite places to shop for swimsuits


The next item on my beach vacation packing list is three different types of tops. A white blouse is a must when packing for a summer vacation because it goes with everything! Pack an oversized white button up to put over your swimsuit for a trendy beach look.

Next, be sure you have at least one oversized T-shirt! I love throwing on a big t-shirt after coming up from the beach to relax in my condo. 

Lastly, a crop top! Summer time is the perfect time to show a little skin. Pair a crop top with high waisted pants or a midi skirt for the perfect summer look.

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My favorite places to shop for tops

White Dress

the next item on this packing list is a white dress. This is a perfect piece for going out, and it makes for a stunning photo by the ocean! Add heels to dress it up or go barefoot at the beach. Both mini white dresses and maxi dresses are the perfect summer time piece.

For a super chic beach outfit, bring a white dress with puffy sleeves! This a trend I am obsessing over, and will definitely make for the perfect beach outfit.

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My favorite places to shop for white dresses


When I pack shoes I always pack way too many, so I’ve had to limit myself to three pairs. I always bring one in each category: sneakers, sandals, and heels. I make sure to bring neutral colors so they will go with every outfit! Shoes also take up a lot of space when packing, so cutting down to only three pairs creates a lot more room for packing.

A tip for packing shoes is to bring neutral colored shoes such as, white, black, or brown. You could also bring a pastel shoe if you love your colors too much! A neutral shoe will go with any outfit, so you know all your shoes will match all your outfits. 

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My favorite places to shop for shoes

Satin Scarf

A satin scarf is the most versatile piece you can pack on your beach vacation! There are so many ways to wear a satin scarf: a hair tie, as a top, tied on your purse, and so much more. There are so many ways to wear it and it takes up little to no room in a suitcase!

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My favorite places to shop for satin scarves

Wide Leg Pants

Next on our beach packing list is wide leg pants. Style these with your satin scarf as a top or a fitted crop top. This will make for the perfect effortless-chic beach look for a day out. You can also use wide leg pants to wear over your swimsuit at the beach for a really trendy look!

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My favorite places to shop for wide leg pants


The last item on this beach packing guide are shorts! A good pair of shorts is crucial when packing for the beach. Try and limit yourself to bringing only two pairs of denim shorts. I love all my denim shorts, but I never wear every pair that I pack. Bring a pair that will go with every outfit!

You could also bring a nice pair of linen shorts and pair it with a blazer for a night out. Linen shorts are super comfortable and make for a super comfortable beach outfit!

My favorite places to shop for shorts:

Use this packing guide for your next beach vacation to make sure you bring everything you need without over-packing. Enjoy your time on your beach vacation with a light suitcase and trendy outfits! 

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